Aesthetic dentistry is an art form whose final aim is natural harmony of face and jaws. It is the greatest challenge of modern dental medicine. Using knowledge and skills, modern technology and materials, it is possible to remove the least imperfections with methods of minimum invasion. It resolves defects such as: tooth color and morphology change, space between teeth, old amalgam fillings, dental trauma.


Are often the best solution for ideal smile. They are mostly used to close the gaps between teeth or change tooth color and shape. They are the best choice for small teeth, teeth with uneven surface, teeth damaged by trauma or abraded teeth.

They can be:

Veneers (bevels) are thin porcelain shells cemented to the front teeth. Same like with no metal crowns, the color of bevels equates with the color of other teeth. Bevels are resistant and enduring and can last for 10-15 years.

Whether it is about slightly modified teeth position or modified color, using ceramic shells (veneers) extraordinary aesthetic results are shown. According to model made by tooth modeling patient’s tooth print the shells are computer-made. Not only does the computer give the most precise measures, but it also injects ceramic and so is the most precise in modeling of veneers. The specific value of this method is that it doesn’t require aggressively tooth drilling, but removing only the very thin part of tooth enamel (1mm). Veneers are actually used to replace natural enamel, therefore the tooth color can be changed or a slight correction of tooth position, size and general aspect made.

Componeer bevels – A SMILE TO TAKE!

Componeer is a new kind of bevels (veneers) made of high-quality nano-hybrid composite with an extraordinary mechanical resistance. Coltène/Whaledent AG.

Extremely high aesthetic results and extremely small thickness (0.3mm) of componeer make them attractive and more present. It is among the least invasive treatments because of its small drilling bulk which gives it an advantage in comparison to ceramic bevels. The procedure is usually done during one visit so this intervention is rightfully called ”A smile to take”.

The advantages compared to regular composite bevels are: long life, discoloration resistance, more natural glow and tooth transparency.