Children’s and preventive dentistry

Children’s and preventive dentistry
The first dentist appointment should be made in the first year of life. The most important reason for that is prevention of dental caries of early childhood (caries of deciduous teeth). Deciduous tooth caries can be caused by using baby bottles in sleep or at night as well as continuous breast feeding.


Conservative dentistry

Modern dentistry involves removing of caries with maximum possible protection of dental tissue and giving teeth their original (morphological) appearance. Fillings are used for filling some smaller damages of dental tissues – enamel and dentin.


Aesthetic dentistry

The majority of aesthetic dentistry procedures are done during one or a few visits. Whether it is about tooth shape or color change, gingival shape change or lost teeth extraction it is not a big effort for the result you would get.



Is a discipline of dentistry that deals with recovery of lost teeth using crowns, bridges, bevels and partial or total limbs.


Oral surgery

Oral surgery is extraction of common teeth, operating on molars, operating on tooth root and extracting the remained tooth root.



Is a specialized field of dentistry which conducts preventive and curative procedures in order to correct dental and skeleton anomalies and establish proper bite and balanced face look.



Implants in modern dentistry have changed completely dental prosthetics concept by becoming an inevitable method of reconstruction of lost teeth. Tooth loss as a consequence has bone mass decay…


Hyaluron fillers

Fillers are appliances that are either a skin or mucous membrane support. They are used for filling of skin gaps that are formed during the life, for wrinkle filling or rejuvenation and face or lip reconstructions.


Tooth whitening

In Ortholine we do the tooth whitening with american product called Opalescene.
It contains low levels of carbamide peroxide (10-15%). The procedure goes like this: we take the print at the office and make the mold (tray) and the patient wears the product during the night. The process takes 7-10 days and the effect lasts for 3 years after which the procedure needs to be repeated for the result preservation.



Parodontopathy is an inflammatory illness that attacks gingiva, alveolar bone and other structures of so called abutment tooth structure and is characterized with gingiva inflammation (gingivitis) and gingiva withdrawal, alveolar bone resorption, periodontal pockets and teeth dangling and falling out in terminal phase.