Tooth whitening

Is a painless and quick procedure performed on vital (healthy) and no-vital (no nerve) teeth and it can be done at the practice or at home. It is always performed after consultations and with professional dentist’s supervision.

Tooth whitening at home

  • 10/15/20% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  •  Gel is put in the individually made trays
  • Treatment duration -10% during the nigh -15/20% 2-4 hours 10-15 days
  • Gel consists of patented PF formula that makes enamel more resistant to caries
  • Safe and effective method
  • Long lasting results
  • The most economic solution
  • Later refreshing treatment is possible to do with no difficulties thanks to preserved tray

Tooth whitening at the practice

Opalescence boostTM

  • professional system performed at the dental practice
  • highly active gel for whitening with 38% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  • neutral pH, contains PF formula that strengthens enamel and reduces tooth sensitivity
  • lamp is not needed for the activation
  • the treatment lasts 3*15 min. with the short preparation
  • painless, safe and efficient

ZOOMTM whitening

  • Professional system performed at the dental practice
  • 35% H2O2, gel for whitening activates with specially designed UV lamp
  • 3×15 min during one visit with short preparation
  • quick and effective
  • painless and safe
  • long lasting result



  • 35% H2O2
  • professional product for dental practice usage
  • gel is applied on the interior of a specially prepared dark tooth and left for 3 days
  • the procedure is repeated 2-3 times
  • safe and effective
  • extraordinary results



  • Micro abrasive paste with silicon carbide particles and chloro hydrogen acid in water solvent
  • Chemical and mechanical whitening

Air flow tooth polishing method

Is a new tooth polishing method. It painlessly removes plaque, nicotine layers, tanin (red wine) and other layers. It works with air, water and small particles of natrium bicarbonate pressure