Implants in modern dentistry have changed completely dental prosthetics concept by becoming an inevitable method of reconstruction of lost teeth. Tooth loss as a consequence has bone mass decay in that region which made implant usage more difficult. However, new technologies in oral surgery enabled installation of artificial bone in atrophied jaws which gave implants certain advantage in comparison to bridges.

The procedure of tooth implant installation
Tooth implant consists of three units:
  • Titanium screw that replaces tooth root
  • An upgrade that is screwd up in titanium root
  • Crown put on the upgrade

These three elements make tooth implant replica of an old tooth. The procedure of implant installation is simple. First the X-ray of jaw is needed to affirm if there’s enough bone mass. If not, then artificial bone installation is done operatively before the implant is used. Implant installation itself is 30 min long. After the surgical procedure patient has to wait for 2-3 months for implant to grow in the jaw bone. After this period the patient comes back to dental office to have the upgraded structure (supra structure) screwd in the implant and prosthetic upgrades (crowns) done.