Children’s and preventive dentistry

The first dentist appointment should be made in the first year of life. The most important reason for that is prevention of dental caries of early childhood (caries of deciduous teeth). Deciduous tooth caries can be caused by using baby bottles in sleep or at night as well as continuous breast feeding. It shows its symptoms when juice, artificial milk, mother’s milk or some other liquid that contains carbohydrate remains on teeth for a long time.

Early dentist appointments and prevention care not only prevent dental caries but also help children have healthy oral habits from the early age.

In this branch we practice dental health from children’s early age. Deciduous teeth start to grow around 6th month, and dentition is fully formed at the age of 2.5.

At this stage the parental education of healthy teeth care is very important. It often happens that certain bad nutrition habits in children (taking soother with honey, juices before sleep and during the night) cause so called circular caries when all deciduous teeth are affected.

With the aim of preventing caries we also educate our little patients and thanks to games and animations, colored fillings, diplomas and medals for the bold, they are eager to come and most often make our favorite patients.

Deciduous teeth care

Oral hygiene should start as early as possible, even before having the first deciduous teeth. Babies’ mouth cleaning should be done with sterile gauze soaked with warm water or chamomile tea. When the deciduous teeth grow, the process should be continued with a soft tooth brush for children and water. Tooth paste without fluorine for children can be used for educating your child up to age 2 or 3. Tooth paste with fluorine isn’t recommended until your child knows how to spit and avoid swallowing.

Modern prophylaxis (dental caries prevention)

In the future caries cases will be much reduced thanks to simple prophylaxis available. Earlier prophylaxis meant oral usage of gels with high fluorine concentration or systematic oral usage of fluorine which is rarely used nowadays because modern dental researches consider these methods invasive. Local usage of modern pastes for remineralization of tooth enamel helps selective strengthening of risky areas for forming of caries in teeth line and avoids the possibility of fluorine intoxication especially when the patients are children.

Fissure sealant

Is a preventive method of tooth protection with liquid composite filling in the areas of most frequent caries occurance.

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