Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliance is used after forming a permanent dentition.
They are metal or aesthetic, located on the exterior or interior tooth surface (so called lingual technique) and they are consisted of brackets fixed to teeth and a string that aligns teeth into an ideal beam and position.
Fixed dental prostheses give much better results than mobile prostheses because they can’t be taken off, so the tooth correction is continuous.

Standard (conventional) fixed appliances

are appliances with brackets on the exterior dental surface. They can be metal (metal brackets used) and aesthetic (ceramic, sapphire glass brackets) so they are almost invisible.

Metal fixed appliances

Can be an interesting choice of ligature gums of different color

Aesthetic fixed appliances

For those whose priority is aesthetics

Special group are self-ligating appliances
Advantages of self-ligating systems are multiple.Aesthetically, metal Damon brackets are less visible than traditional metal brackets. What makes the greatest advantage for Damon brackets in comparison to conventional methods is the decreased therapy time – up to 6 months.

Lingual fixed dental prostheses

Are completely invisible because they are put on the interior tooth side.

The newest!

Incognito 3M

Modern and invisible alternative with conventional dental brackets

Brackets are made using 3D technology of gold alloy in a laboratory in Germany, individually for every patient (using the newest CAD/CAM technology).

This is the newest, most luxurious and least visible method considering that backets are golden and placed on the interior tooth surface which makes them acceptable for all patients who prioritize aesthetics.

The duration of therapy with fixed prostheses is between one and two years, depending on teeth and jaw irregularity present. The decision about therapy type is made after detailed and full analysis of study models and X-ray (ortopan and profile tele X-ray), so every patient gets the most optimal individual therapy arrangement.


During the therapy no matter if it’s about classical or lingual technique, it is necessary to have in mind eating habits. The firm food and fruits shouldn’t be bite off (eg. apple). It is necessary to cut everything in small pieces and then eat. Certain food items should be avoided (firm candies, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, as well as chewing gums and caramels) in order not to damage the brackets from teeth.

Nutrition should be enriched with vitamin C that has an important role in bone and collagen fibers health. What is most important is perfect oral hygiene during the orthodontic therapy.

Check-ups are mostly done in 2-4 weeks and therapy duration is individual, approximately 18-20 months. After removing fixed appliance, a not less important part of the therapy is done – RETENTION.

Retainers are mobile appliances or films that are used after removing of fixed appliances and the aim is keeping the achieved results. They are mostly used for 1-2 years to avoid so called recidives or getting the original position of teeth.